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We created the Income Protection Assurance platform to make it super easy for you to offer income protection to your clients. By sending your clients to your micro-site, they will have the ability get a quote, apply for coverage and receive their policy and pay their premium in as little as 15 minutes. All from the comfort of their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone!
Your micro-site will provide information and education covering both the basics and the need regarding income protection. Additionally, the site will explain the entire process to your client and will also contain a section for the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

While we have made your micro-site easy for your clients, we are committed to make this process easy for you. We will be providing you with educational webinars regarding the basics of income protection and the specifics of the disability insurance policy that is available. Additionally, we will be providing you with marketing concepts and ideas that you can provide to your clients that will result in clients that are pre-interested and pre-motivated to take action once they go to your site.
If you think the Income Protection Assurance platform might be a fit for your practice, let us know and we will contact you ASAP.

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The Income Protection Assurance platform is the perfect way for you to provide additional value to producers. We work with you in your recruiting, marketing and training efforts to drive production through your organization.
If you think the Income Protection Assurance platform might be a fit for your BGA or IMO, contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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We conduct weekly webinars to provide you with the basics of The Income Protection Assurance product and process. Click the Register button to sign up for the next webinar.


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